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Join us in our various mindfulness-based practices at Sentar.


We encourage that mindfulness practice continues to travel with you, off the mat, off the cushion, and into your daily life. 

Pause.  Process.  Proceed. ©

Offering our clients support as they identify the current and emerging chapters of their lives. 

“The key to finding our deepest happiness lies in changing our vision of where to seek it.”


Sharon Salzberg  - Author and Buddhist Teacher

The journey from failure to success can be introduced using various mindfulness-based practices.  We offer a personalised 8 week program that allows for the identification and enhancement of mind- skills to experience positive self-management. 

Wellness Coaching
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Sal-Moritz Costaras.png

Sal-Moritz Costaras



Pronouns: She/Her

I am a certified wellness coach and Qi Gong Instructor.

I offer mindfulness meditation as the foundation for my coaching practice.

I am a learner, writer and food enthusiast. I gratefully received the 5 Mindfulness Trainings certificate in June 2018 from Plum Village. Dieulivol, France.


These truths are the foundations which I choose to live by.

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