Tending to the heart, eases the mind, or does tending to the mind ease the heart?

Imprinting harmony into both mind and heart requires sheer determined will.

As with anything which requires strengthening and a rock-solid foundation to prevent weathering and distortion, layer upon layer of product needs to be applied with accuracy and consistent repetition of balanced effort in order to produce reliable and rock-solid results.

So here are the questions I am sitting with presently:

A. Should we be attending to the heart first in order to heal the mind, and in turn are we then able to accept that this is the practice which leads us towards the doorway of transformation?

B. Or should we be attending to the mind first?

Could meditation offer the mental awareness and necessary mental skills which ease the aching heart, reduce the crashing ache of sadness in our chest and calm the rapidly beating heart when the mind alerts us that we are faced with imminent danger?

Under which rock does the answer lie?

I believe this truth lies on both sides of the coin.

A peaceful heart leads to a peaceful mind.

A peaceful mind leads to a peaceful heart.

Achieving these states requires the attention of a determined heart and mind.

Without the one, how can there be the other?

Sit. Notice. Breathe.


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