Pause. Process. Proceed.

Learning mindfulness meditation is straightforward enough to practice on your own, but a teacher or program can also help you get started.

Sal’s focus is to offer guidance and support in order to be able to develop a mindfulness-based daily practice to assist in opening up to all of life, just as it is.

Touching in with life as it unfolds, moment to moment, allows us to develop the capacity for embodied presence.

To become more intimate and to understand the nature of suffering and the impermanence of suffering through mindfulness meditation practices, allows us the capacity to drop into being fully present and to allow all of life to be held in awareness.

Developing the capacity to become fully present, offers us the opportunity, a moment to pause where we are offered time to move beyond the suffering, heal and transform.

Mindfulness is to help us become more aware of the inner workings of our mental, emotional, and bodily processes.

Pause. Process. Proceed.

"The world supplies the curriculum, our challenge is how we are going to be in relationship with it?… The only way to ascertain whether there is any validity in this practice is to engage in this practice yourself." - Jon Kabat-Zinn

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