"How can the journey towards personal transformation begin with me?"

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Have you ever doubted yourself? Considered yourself unworthy? Are you still regretting mistakes from the past and you can't trust your future?

Let's take the control back - by taking one log of wood away from your raging inner fire.

Once we learn to alter our negative behaviour and habits, we can develop the capacity to experience improved physical and mental well-being.

Conscious awareness - breath by breath and moment by moment, can help you to stop, breathe, re-set and re-focus.

By stopping and stepping away from the sensations and stories, this moment of personal attention can offer you the time to notice the negativity which has formed your habit behaviour and guide you towards introducing a calm mental and physical awareness to all of that which has kept your inner fires raging for far too long.

With this focused inward attention, you can then with self-compassion and loving-kindness develop improved skills which can help you temper the storms and allow you to heal and move beyond all that which has so often held you back from experiencing personal liberation and transformation.

Self-examination, self-realisation and self-forgiveness can lead to self-transformation.

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