Flow as a river flows.....

Accepting or resisting change.

"We live in stressful turbulent times. The pace of life is accelerating exponentially. Uncertainty, endless change and countless demands are the norm. These everyday challenges can and often do adversely affect our health and well-being.

In the face of this, it is critically important to realise we have the strength, stability and resilience within us for effectively meeting these challenges." Saki Santorelli UMass

We all experience the 'ebb and flow', the struggle between accepting change and resisting it. It is this struggle which makes inner and outer transformation, so very difficult.

In order for transformation to be achieved, we need to move away from the energy we call EGO and allow the inner level of self to master our own transformation.

Once we begin to understand this inner journey through varied terrain by practicing meditation, we expand our awareness which allows us to move away from restrictive obstacles, allowing us to seek and experience a more positive and purposeful existence.

When we develop within our practice, we allow our natural inner river of unrestricted consciousness to flow.

Hence the saying so often quoted by mindfulness meditation coaches worldwide:

Flow as a river flows.

Perhaps with your next meditation or ritual, you may like to light a candle, or burn incense and as you watch the flickering flame or the smoke rise from the incense - Pause. Sit. Notice. Breathe. Be.

It is within this space of quiet and calm consciousness, we can create the conditions where peace of mind can exist.

hands to heart,


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