Essential Nature and True Self - Benefits of a mindfulness meditation practice.

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

As we continue to develop a mindfulness meditation practice and become aware of what is available to us, we can wake-up and embrace the present moment. The simplicity of this embrace allows us to cultivate the capacity for embodied presence.

Our daily practices, habits, and habit energies affecting our thoughts, feelings and actions throughout the day determine how we flow throughout our lives.

If we continue to offer our sub-conscious and involuntary thoughts and feelings this habit energy to govern our existence, we may never experience the freedom and liberation of true-self.

As we are unaware of our habit energy, we respond 'automatically' to our inner and outer stressors and triggers.

As our heart rate increases, our breathing may become strained, and our thoughts become erratic as mind and body experience 'the full catastrophe' of the situation.

Whilst we remain in autopilot mode, the mind and body begin to work together to manage this heightened state of anxiety.

The aftermath of this 'catastrophe' rests in our sub-conscious state. The effect of this mental, physical and emotional overdrive creates an imbalance which can negatively impact us over days and weeks and for many, the years which follow.

As we deepen our mindfulness meditation practice, we can understand our experiences more intimately and honestly. With this heightened, conscious-awareness and deeper understanding of our habits and behaviour, we can wake-up and choose the liberating and beneficially healing path towards transformation.

Mindfulness meditation practise offers us the opportunity to change our relationship to what is actually occurring in the present moment.

As we enter into a wise relationship with our present moment experience, we can respond calmly and skillfully to the many challenging circumstances surrounding us.

The journey of self-discovery allows us to awaken with deep awareness and courage to our moment to moment present-moment experience.

As we continue to practice self-compassion and heartfulness, we experience personal growth, liberation, transformation and healing.

Ultimately we can discover our essential nature and true-self.

"It isn't what happens to us that causes us to suffer; it's what we say to ourselves about what happens." Pema Chodron

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